Setting The Hook

You know it must be Springtime in Portugal when they start hanging the octopus out do dry.  I wanted to bid you welcome to my latest outlet which begins with, not cod, but a little taste of life in my neck of the woods.  If you could just bare with me for a few posts, … Continue reading

A Hill of a Lotta Beans

Select individuals at The Cod Report have recently begun to venture away from dairy usage, but this tip will have you coffee hounds (ourselves included) completely satiated and, in some cases, begging for more.  While we hope that reaching for this deelish dairy substitute doesn’t bring anyone to fisticuffs, by using a fine organic coconut … Continue reading

We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Blog

While not for the squeamish or those who fear to dip a toe in unknown waters, I think this post will be a slight diversion from the normal tasty tidbits and flip-flop follies we’re coming to see from this journal.  Nonetheless, thus is life on the coast as brought to you first hand from a … Continue reading

Hush…Someone’s Singing Fado.

Never before has a dish of bacalhau tasted so good. Making your way through the hot plate of salt-cod and fries you can’t help but feel grateful for the warm, intimate setting you’ve found yourself in—a welcome alternative to the Spring rains washing over Lisbon’s cobblestone streets. Suddenly the lights grow dim and a faint … Continue reading

Wish You Were Here

It’s been a little more than a year since I left the loving embrace of my family at Blue Coast Bikes Tours, yet not a winter’s day escapes my notice where I don’t drift back to images like this.  What I take most from my time spent on the Costa  Azul is the acknowledgement that … Continue reading

Tea Time For A Quickie?

There are a few countries trying to lay claim to Christopher Columbus.  Ask any Portuguese and they’ll refer you to the fact that Columbo jumped ship along his famous voyage for a pit stop on the tiny island of Porto Santo, little sister to the larger Ilha da Madeira, known for its hearty fortified Port-like … Continue reading

Imaginary Port-Rubbed Turkey

Food preparation, for me, tends to be as pleasing visually as it is desirable to the digestive system.  It isn’t unusual to find my camera on red alert near my other cooking tools when locked in the heat of culinary battle.   It is with this in mind that I can be found beside myself today … Continue reading

Portabella Sera

Ugh.  I have really gotten behind on this thing.  I’d say it has gotten away from me, overgrown, lost in the shuffle of my intercontinental and soon to be interstate life shuffling; but I’ve yet to throw in the towel.  Here goes nothing. All the recent food chatter and recipes changing hands has inspired me … Continue reading

Got ‘Spacho?

It’s been a while, I know, I know… I’ve had to step away from my lovely coastal lifestyle for a bit and have since found myself Stateside, back in the good ol’ Midwest USA.  While the focus of this blog is to illustrate the Western Iberian gastronomy and lifestyle, I’ve added a new layer of … Continue reading

Codfully Unrefined

While I await the arrival of the elusive porco barbecue (McRib), I believe it worthy of mention to introduce to my viewing audience, the McLusitano!  Throw  a little paio ham and some terra nostra flamengo cheese (quejo) onto a traditional Portuguese roll and you’ve got a little bit of intercultural, artery clogging goodness right here … Continue reading

Getting Started

To know the Portuguese is to eat with the Portuguese.  While the Portuguese gastronomy is based heavily on locally produced staples of its agrarian surroundings, the strong influence from the ex-colonies bring a forceful wave of flavors, colors and excitement to the already impressive palate of delicious dishes.  Spiced chicken and pork dishes maintain their … Continue reading